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About Us

Our Purpose

We have come together to be an inclusive, educational environment where nobody is left behind, nobody is held back, and everybody is valued.

The Alliance Multi Academy Trust: "Nobody Left Behind; Nobody Held Back; Everybody Valued"

Our Vision

By 2025/26 TAMAT will be an aspirational Multi Academy Trust that is a fully resourced alliance of like minded high-achieving schools of up to 7,500 children.

Our Ethos

  • Our academies place learning at the heart of our communities.
  • Our academies pool our resources for deepening and nourishing education for fullness of life.
  • Our academies improve the life chances of all our children, so that they develop wisdom, hope, and a sense of community and dignity.
  • Each academy's unique Ethos and Values, whether secular or faith-based, are valued, celebrated and enrich the whole MAT.

We develop our people well enough, so they can leave, we treat them well enough to stay.

Our Strategic Priorities

To deliver this Vision we will focus on five core strategic priorities:

  • Excellent Leadership - because the key to school improvement is continuous improvement of leadership capacity and capability throughout the organisation.
  • Resourcefulness - so we can deliver school improvements that are unconstrained by financial and people resource limitations, and deploy those resources in a responsible way, setting a good example to all our stakeholders.
  • School Improvement - High Expectations and Standards, Quality Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Resources - because everything else is an enabler.
  • Inclusivity - because all pupils and staff deserve the equal opportunity to develop and to be their best.
  • Well-Being - because we care about our whole community.

Our Core School Values:

  • All our academies have a belief in a child-centred approach to education and a commitment to raising the aspirations, achievements and well-being of every one of our children and staff and being a valuable member of the community.
  • Every child will have access to high quality education through the best teachers and the best resources.
  • Every parent should be well-informed and helped to support their child to flourish.
  • Every member of the TAMAT team knows the difference they make and is supported to be the best they can be.