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About Us

Our Story

About two years ago, a large group of schools, including local authority and church schools, gathered on a chilly evening to explore how we could work together even more effectively and help ensure future sustainability. Today, after countless hours of work, The Alliance Multi-Academy Trust or TAMAT has been born, bringing together five of those initial schools and over 1400 children.  We are proud that we have already achieved something that is unique – for the first time in Surrey, schools of both a secular and church nature have collaborated and found a way of coming together formally in a MAT, for mutual benefit.

The school leadership teams and governors have committed to a new level and type of collaboration that we know will benefit the children of all of our schools enormously – and it is already happening.  But we haven’t come together to create TAMAT academy school “clones” – far from it.  We fundamentally recognise the individuality of each school, their teachers, their cultures and environments, but most importantly their children and TAMAT will always respect that.  And so, our doors are open to other like-minded partners and we invite you to find out more.



TAMAT will become a thought-leading, value-adding and sustainable growing alliance of local, like-minded & collaborative schools; all good or outstanding with the capacity to support schools in need of improvement.

TAMAT will become an organisation of excellence, which is the first choice for schools, staff, parents and children - recognised for quality support from its sharing and drawing upon excellence to support others.