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Central Team Support

TAMAT Safeguarding Leader

Cat Byng

Safeguarding and child protection are priorities in all our schools, and it is therefore important that we support our schools in keeping up to date with training, resources and supporting all staff in following best practice. Our TAMAT Safeguarding Leader provides bi-monthly training videos for all staff, supports schools with compliance and provides support and guidance for DSL, DDSL, Safeguarding Governors and Trustees.

Cat is a dedicated Education professional, with over 12 years’ experience, including Assistant Headteacher, DSL, DDSL, Inclusion Leader, SENDCo and Primary class teacher. She is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. She is a strong leader and effective communicator, with expansive industry knowledge of child protection and safeguarding. She is able to successfully support children, teachers and parents by building strong relationships with professionals (social care/workers) and families to facilitate tangible outcomes. Cat has been part of many training events to enhance her knowledge and supports TAMAT schools by producing resources, offering guidance and providing training to help staff feel confident about safeguarding procedures. 

TAMAT Inclusion Leader


Claire Taylor

We are committed to the best SEND provision and have highly experienced SENDCos and support staff in all of our schools. To add value and support to our schools to meet the needs of all our children, the TAMAT Inclusion Leader oversees inclusion across the trust, contracting additional external agencies and providing additional capacity to bring out the best from our talented teams. 

With over 25 years of experience in the field of education, Claire has dedicated her career to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. Her own journey in education has been multifaceted, encompassing roles ranging from Primary class teacher to Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Leader, Acting Headteacher, Pastoral Assistant Headteacher and DSL. In 2017, Claire furthered her expertise by completing the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (NASENCo), solidifying her commitment to providing high-quality support for students with special educational needs and she continues to be forward thinking following the latest research.

Claire's leadership style is marked by her ability to foster meaningful relationships with stakeholders across the educational spectrum. Through collaborative work with colleagues, families, and pupils, she fosters an ethos of mutual respect and teamwork, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Within the TAMAT community, Claire serves as a voice for diversity and equity, tirelessly advocating for the needs of all students. Her passion for inclusivity permeates every aspect of her work, empowering staff with the tools and confidence to support learners of all backgrounds and abilities.