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Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Monitoring Process

We believe all TAMAT schools are unique in serving their individual communities, however there is a common goal to ensure that all schools deliver the best possible outcomes for all TAMAT pupils and staff. To ensure there are high expectations and a consistent approach, we created a monitoring, challenge and support system through six governor leadership portfolios which enable best practice to be shared across the trust as well as providing a valuable termly overview for our Trust Board.

The portfolios provide governors with a clear process to ensure monitoring what is important takes place, with a focus on: Well-being, Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Finance, Achievement, Curriculum, Community, Self-Evaluation, School Development Planning, Vision and Values.

We developed the TAMAT portfolio process to help governors – whatever their experience - in asking the right questions at the right time, to best serve our schools, provide consistency across TAMAT, release expertise and enable mutual support between Local Academy Boards (LAB) and the Trust Board.

The termly portfolio process provides an evidence-based paper trail of school impact and supports governors in performing their statutory duties and in providing robust accountability. Through fortnightly meetings with Headteachers and specific portfolio holders, the CEO, and Finance Officer are an integral part in also supporting school improvement, self-evaluation and the Portfolio process.